Second Roman “Refrigerator” Discovered in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Novae RefrigeratorSVISHTOV, BULGARIA—According to a Miami Herald report, a second “refrigerator” has been found next to a series of lead water pipes in northern Bulgaria at the Roman military camp of Novae by a research team led by Piotr Dyczek of the University of Warsaw. The camp was constructed along the lower Danube River in the first century A.D. and was occupied into the middle of the fifth century. The storage unit, made with ceramic plates, has not yet been dated. Wine drinking vessels, bowls, and animal bones were found inside it. Traces of a wooden barracks, a well, and a furnace dated to the fourth century have also been uncovered at the site. To read about another refrigerator previously found at the site, go to “Around the World: Bulgaria.”


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