Possible Medieval Friary Site Found in Wales

Wales Friary BurialsHAVERFORDWEST, WALES—An investigation ahead of a construction project uncovered the remains of 17 people in southwest Wales, at a site that may have been the Friary of St Saviours, according to a BBC News report. The friary was home to eight Dominican monks known as Blackfriars who moved to the area in 1258. One shroud pin has been recovered from the burials. The excavation also unearthed walls, drains, and wall and floor tiles thought to have been imported from France. The friary grew very wealthy before it was dissolved in the 1530s by King Henry VIII. said a demolished shop and an iron foundry were found on top of the remains of the friary. To read about excavations of a Franciscan friary in Oxford, go to “Tales Out of School.”

Source: archaeology.org

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