2,300-Year-Old Greek Bronze Mirror Discovered in Israel

Israel Bronze MirrorTEL AVIV, ISRAEL—CNN reports that cremated human remains and a well-preserved folding bronze box mirror have been found in a cave near Jerusalem by researchers from Tel Aviv University and the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). The burial is estimated to date to sometime between the late fourth century and early third century B.C. “If we are correct with our interpretation, it appears that this burial points to the very unique circumstances of what we call a hetaira, a Greek lady who accompanied one of the Hellenistic government officials, or more likely a high general,” said Guy Stiebel of Tel Aviv University. The burial was found in a remote area, far away from any village, farm or settlement, which suggests that she may have been connected with a military campaign from the time of Alexander the Great or slightly later, Stiebel explained. Such bronze mirrors, usually decorated with engravings of idealized female figures or goddesses, are usually associated with Greek women of high status, but may have also been given to a courtesan as a gift, he concluded. The researchers are continuing to analyze the artifact. To read about a bronze mirror buried with a woman some 2,500 years ago in Siberia’s Tuva region, go to “Membership Has Its Privileges.”

Source: archaeology.org

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