World police confiscate 650 antique gold vessels and jewelry

Stefan Proynov: Sometimes we joke that the United States is like world police. Where there is no order and security, they enforce it, and where there are large reserves of oil and gold, they enforce the peace of their corporations.
Stefan Proynov: Where there is oil, people live in war, and where there is gold, people live in poverty. Nothing personal, just the stronger takes the benefits of the stronger for centuries. All the great empires have strived for this, and there are countless examples in world history for millennia.

We remember Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. But few know that the “Nimrod Treasures” of more than 650 gold pieces were discovered during excavations in the 1980s and were secretly deposited in the treasury of the Central Bank of Iraq. In the photos below, U.S. occupation soldiers opened the treasures and presented them to the people in 2003, then disappeared. This treasure is one of the greatest treasures of the ancient world and the history and civilization of Iraq.

Photos: أحمد الملاح Ahmed AlMallah

Naturally, the world police have their bases all over the world and there are practically no customs for them – they can import and export everything in all directions of the world. What happened to the Scythian treasures in Ukraine? What is happening with the gold deposits in our country?

Probably what happened to the Inca gold at the time of the Conquistadors’ arrival. We also witnessed Islamic State terrorists looting a museum and destroying world wealth. Are artifacts of world importance in museums being replaced in countries with imported Democracy and world police bases, I don’t know? Did any collectors in our country not receive a summons from the world police also remains an unanswered question? But surely the bigger one eats the smaller one in nature. And the world police is not a joke!

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