U.S. Repatriates Seized Artifacts to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Crocodile HeadORLANDO, FLORIDA—NBC6 Miami reports that several pre-Columbian artifacts seized at an airport in Orlando in 2017 were repatriated to Costa Rica in a ceremony this week with Ludmila Ugalde, Consul General of Costa Rica. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers spotted the artifacts while scanning passenger luggage. “We started opening all the bags and in one of the shoes that the traveler had, we found the artifacts,” said CBP Agriculture Specialist Jose Carlos Esteves. “It was actually concealed inside the shoes.” The ceramic objects, dated to the tenth and fifth centuries B.C., will be housed in the Costa Rica National Museum. For more on Costa Rican archaeology, go to “Off the Grid: Diquis Delta, Costa Rica.”

Source: archaeology.org

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