Ancient City of Aizanoi Yields Additional Statue Heads

Turkey Aizanoi Aphrodite HeadKUTAHYA, TURKEY—The Anadolu Agency reports that excavators working in central Anatolia at the ancient city of Aizanoi have uncovered a head from a statue of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and the head of a statue of the Greek wine god, Dionysus. Archaeologist Gökhan Coşkun of Dumlupinar University said that the team members have now recovered a total of two Aphrodite heads, three Dionysus heads, and more than 100 statue fragments. The ancient city is the home of a well-preserved Temple of Zeus, he concluded. To read about a first- or second-century A.D. marble head of Dionysus that was found in the heart of Rome, go to “A God Goes Shopping.”


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