Roman Temples Unearthed in the Netherlands

Netherlands Roman SculptureGELDERLAND, THE NETHERLANDS—DW reports that a Roman temple complex has been found in the eastern Netherlands, on what was the northern boundary of the Roman Empire. The temples, situated on a small hill at the point where the Rhine and Waal rivers split, are thought to have been used by soldiers stationed in nearby fortifications between the first and fourth centuries A.D., based upon the tips of spears and lances, armor, and horse harnesses found nearby. Researchers from RAAP Archaeological Consultancy have uncovered roof tiles marked with inscriptions, colorfully painted plasterwork, cloak pins, statues of deities, pits where large fires had burned, and a large stone well with a stone staircase leading to the water. Small stone altars dedicated by high-ranking officers to Hercules Magusanus, Jupiter-Serapis, and Mercury were also unearthed. These inscriptions often gave thanks for battles won and continued survival on the frontier, the researchers explained. For more on offerings made by ancient Romans in the area, go to “Around the World: The Netherlands.”


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