UFOs Defy Known Laws of Aerodynamics Says Theoretical Physicist

Dr. Michio Kaku, the world-renowned theoretical physicist, believes that the UFO phenomenon has evolved so much that now the military must prove that UFOs are not objects from other worlds and not conspiracy theorists.

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Michio Kaku explained how multiple sightings by multiple means had been verified by several highly credible witnesses, thus reversing the burden of proof. Before, the people who believed in UFOs had to prove their existence, but now it has changed to the Pentagon, to the military, and they are the ones who must now prove that UFOs are not extraterrestrials.

In the past, scientists considered it taboo to discuss UFOs or be enthralled with them. However, in recent years, so much evidence has been accumulating that this paradigm has dissolved.

In regards to the US Navy’s encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena, he speculated that hypersonic drones could be the cause. However, he explained why he believes this is highly unlikely.

It has been decades since these objects have been spotted executing these maneuvers and accelerating. Dr. Kaku explained that this is a very recent technology. Even though the US, Russia, and China are working on hypersonic drones, the technology is still primitive. Thus, we don’t know what they are, said Kaku.

What is perhaps even more interesting is that these unidentified flying objects don’t produce sonic booms – when you surpass the sound barrier, you produce a huge boom you can hear for miles in every direction. These objects produce no sonic boom, nor is there any visible act of propulsion.

Therefore, UFOs obey laws of physics beyond our comprehension and break the known laws of aerodynamics, Kaku told Rogan.

Rogan asked Dr. Kaku if there was anything in the theory that could account for the way UFOs move and behave and whether UFOs apply to technology from “another planet, galaxy, or whatever.

The theoretical physicist revealed that when he talked with colleagues about the subject, they alluded to something straightforward. This is that a rocket using conventional means traveling at 25,000 mph would take 70,000 years to come from the nearest star. Therefore, these objects cannot exist. Or can they?

This is precisely why most scientists dismiss these sightings as aliens because they defy Einstein’s laws. But isn’t that a bit silly? It’s like saying, Do you know how long it would take you to get a horse from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia? Rogan replied.

Exactly, responded Dr. Kaku. So that’s why I say that summing these are aliens—or whatever they are—they are maybe only a hundred years ahead of us.

But you have to open your mind to the possibility that they are thousands of years more advanced than us, and a thousand years is nothing compared to the age of the universe (+13.7 billion years).

Once you get that far into the domain of energies, the laws of physics start to break down into something called the ‘Planck energy.’

Screenshot from a declassified video of a UFO encounter in 2004.
Screenshot from a declassified video of a UFO encounter in 2004.

And that is Kaku’s field. The String theory lives on Planck energy, which is 10 to 19 billion electronvolts, which is a thousand trillion times more powerful than what was seen at the Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr. Kaku concluded that any civilization that can cultivate Planck energy would be able to dominate space and time and create wormholes and portals in space, pointing to a Type 3 civilization on the Kardashev scale.

Dr. Kaku explained that data collected by various sources point to the fact that UFOs travel at incredible speeds, ranging from Mach 5 to Mach 20, which is twenty times the speed of sound. In addition, the objects perform zig-zag maneuvers, and we can even measure the G-force inside the UFOs, which is several hundred times the force of gravity. This means that any living being’s bones would be crushed by these forces.

The objects can drop 70,000 feet in a few seconds, and the most interesting part is that they can even travel underwater, something that we didn’t realize before.

Part of the interview can be seen below. The full episode is available on Spotify.

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