Possible Viking Boat Burial Detected in Norway

Norway Boat BurialOSLO, NORWAY—According to a Live Science report, a ground-penetrating radar survey of an area slated for road construction near the town of Kvinesdal, which is located in southwest Norway, has detected a possible Viking boat burial and several other mounds. Jani Causevic of the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) said that the boat measured between 26 and 30 feet long. “The soil in the area is not preferable for the conservation of organic materials, and most likely only the nails and other metallic objects remain,” he explained. It appears that the boat was buried and then a burial mound was placed on top of it, added team member Frans-Arne Hedlund Stylegar. The mounds may have served as a display of control over the area, Causevic concluded. To read about a massive cache of objects that includes Viking silver, go to “Secrets of Scotland’s Viking Age Hoard.” 

Source: archaeology.org

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