I asked AI What’s Inside a Black Hole, Here’s What it Drew

Artificial Intelligence has never before been so popular. Manz scientists use Artificial Intelligence to help them with their work. There are many examples where AI has come in handy, making incredible discoveries.

And astronomers are not shy about using artificial intelligence to help them explore the cosmos. As we reported in this article, an artificial intelligence system was used by astronomers to help them predict an entire universe.

Astronomers developed a neural network to predict cosmological parameters based on galaxies’ properties. It is possible to limit the global cosmological parameter of matter density in the Universe with a relative spread of about 10 percent by knowing the astrophysical properties of an individual galaxy. Meanwhile, this result is independent of the galaxy’s mass, size, or type.

But AI can do so much more. Some scientists think that our AI systems will become so evolved that they might even find Alien AI and communicate with them.

The evolution of AI

Scientists have asked an artificial intelligence system to create an image of the interior of a black hole. The results are pretty exciting.

As reported by Tweak Town, a machine learning algorithm that generates images from text descriptions has revealed what it believes is inside a black hole.

This artificial intelligence system, named DALL-E, is based on GPT-3, an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to generate text that resembles human language. OpenAI created both AI systems, and DALL-E, in particular, produced interesting results based on input into its prompt box. It is possible for users to ask DALL-E to produce anything they desire. OpenAI has already launched DAll-E 2, and you can check it out by clicking here.

DALL-E has been asked to show an image of a black hole’s interior, something that is impossible to verify given the knowledge that humans currently have of black holes.

Despite this, DALL-E provided very surprising results because the AI created a batch of black hole images that were completely original.

The image, which you can see here, is the result (a collage rather than one image) obtained by Tweak Town when they asked the AI to produce an image of the interior of a black hole.

What’s inside a black hole, according to AI

An image made by AI that shows what is inside a Black Hole. Image Credit: Craiyon.
An image made by AI that shows what is inside a Black Hole. Image Credit: Craiyon.

The image above is the result I obtained when I asked the same AI to produce an image of a Black Hole.

Both images are strikingly similar.

DALL-E can be a great way to test your imagination if you’re interested in using it. Follow this link to begin plugging in your requests.

Dall-E is just one example of how developed Artificial Intelligence Systems have become.

Some AI may have even become sentient, at least according to a former Google employee who claimed — and tried providing evidence of his claims — that Google’s most advanced AI system, LaMDA, had attained sentience.

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