Germany Agrees to Repatriate Artifacts to Africa

Benin Bronze HeadBERLIN, GERMANY—DW reports that Germany will return artifacts housed in more than 20 German museums to Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Namibia. Most of the more than 1,100 Benin Bronzes to be repatriated were looted by British forces who conquered Nigeria’s city of Benin in 1897. A statue of Ngonnso, a mother deity of the Nso people, will be returned to Cameroon. This artifact was taken from Kumbo, the capital of the Nso kingdom, by colonial officer Kurt von Pavel, who was accompanied by armed soldiers. He donated the statue to Berlin’s Ethnological Museum in 1903. An additional 23 objects will be handed over to Namibia, and an unnamed number of items to Tanzania that were taken during the Maji-Maji War, an uprising against German colonial rule from 1905 to 1907. To read about honey production among central Nigeria’s Nok people, go to “Around the World: Nigeria.”


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