The Best UFO Photo on Earth Revealed After Being Hidden for 32 Years

UFOs are a hotly debated subject, and people want to know the truth. Are we alone in the universe? Are UFOs evidence of Aliens, and have we been visited by beings, not from Earth?

Are the Navy videos of UFOs that show unidentified aircraft performing mind-bending maneuvers proof of otherworldly technology?

These questions remain unanswered, but nonetheless, at least some progress has been made. 

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and what better evidence than a photograph known as the “Best UFO image ever.”

This is the photo of the well-known British UFO case of Calvine, where a mysterious diamond-shaped object appears being chased by a military airplane.

Following years of investigation, Professor David Clarke has finally found the lost “Calvine Photograph,” which has now been made available through UAP Media UK.

There has already been a lot of praise for the image showing what appears to be a giant diamond-shaped object flying over the Scottish highlands with what appears to be a Harrier aircraft in the distance.

It definitely lives up to its nickname as the best ufo on earth.

The story

Two hikers took the photograph around 9 pm on August 4, 1990, on a hillside near Calvine, 56 kilometers northwest of Perth. According to the men, who remain unidentified to this date, the metal object hovered for about ten minutes as fighter jets passed overhead.

Observers were stunned as the object, estimated to be up to 30 meters long, shot out into the sky at high speed. But thankfully, they managed to capture the moment on camera: They took six pictures of the diamond-shaped craft and the fighter jet which was apparently tailing it.

A Scottish newspaper received the photos, which were then passed on to the Ministry of Defense (MoD). The story, however, was never printed, and the photos disappeared, never to be seen again.

The Image

One of the Calvine UGO photographs clearly showing a diamond-shaped craft, and an airplane in the distance. Image Credit: Sheffield Hallam University/Craig Lindsay.
One of the Calvine UGO photographs clearly showing a diamond-shaped craft, and an airplane in the distance. Image Credit: Sheffield Hallam University/Craig Lindsay.

Eventually, MoD’s technical wizards leaped into action to get to the bottom of what the hikers had seen and photographed. Intelligence community specialists used full resources and capabilities to enlarge and analyze the images.

The data analysis was sensational, and specialists concluded that the photographs showing an actual UFO hadn’t been faked.

An unknown craft was depicted in photographs, unlike a conventional aircraft. Nothing was attached to the fuselage, wings, tail, or engines, nor was there any marking to identify the aircraft.

Everything surrounding the sighting, the people who saw and photographed it, and the photographs themselves were tucked into a top-secret drawer.

With the images never seen by the public, the “Calvin Photograph” became a modern myth.

Dr. Clarke, an associate professor at Sheffield Hallam University and curator for the Ministry of Defense’s UFO archives project at the National Archives, found the photograph by reaching out to former RAF press officer Craig Lindsay. 

A copy of the original photograph was kept by Mr. Lindsay, who was the liaison between the press and the Ministry of Defense at the time of the original investigation in 1990. 

He had in his possession the original envelope, and inside was the original photograph. Dr. Clarke and Vinnie Adams of UAP Media UK received the photo from the former RAF officer, and it has now been archived by Sheffield Hallam University.

“It has been a privilege to work on this case with such a dedicated team of investigators,” Adams told British outlet The Sun Online. 

“After 32 years and intense research, it feels good to be able to show this elusive photograph to the world,” he added. “We urge anyone with information about the photographer’s identity or the case to come forward.”

2022 the year of disclosure? 

The release of this photograph comes at a pivotal time when lawmakers, former military as well as intelligence officers are now willing to openly speak about a subject that was not so long ago considered nothing more than a conspiracy fueled by tinfoil-wearing conspirators. 

But this is no longer the case, with the Pentagon rebranding its UFO office and adding transmedium UFOs to the list of studies. NASA is already actively investigating UFOs and is putting significant effort into understanding what these mysterious crafts are. 

There is something in the skies that no one can explain, and the stigma surrounding UFOs is finally fading away.

The Calvine photo caption is partly based on the claim that an enlarged version of this image once hung in the Ministry of Defense’s so-called UFO office, just as the “I Want to Believe” captioned picture in Fox Mulder’s office on The X-Files. 

The poster-sized photo, however, disappeared without a trace, likely due to politics. 

First to break the story was Nick Pope, a former Minister of Defense investigator who worked for the government in the 1990s, investigating unidentified flying objects.

Pope alleges the UK asked the US whether the photo was of an experimental aircraft, only to have the image taken down and never seen again. 

To make things even more confusing, the Ministry of Defense decided to withhold certain details of the case until 2076 – although it is understood that this was done to protect the names and addresses of the individuals on file.

What on Earth is that diamond craft?

The Calvine photo is quite intriguing, but what exactly is it showing? It is unlikely to be a hoax since MoD’s investigation showed the photographs to be authentic. 

Does this mean the object is some sort of secret tech?

Or, more extravagantly, could it possibly be a real alien ship? According to Ministry of Defense files from the time, “there is no definitive conclusion regarding the large object.”

Due to the photos being taken in daylight with the surrounding countryside visible, MoD boffins were able to make some calculations about the mystery object’s size. As it turned out, it was nearly 100 feet in diameter.

Two military jets can be seen in the background when the photos are enlarged. There was no clear indication whether they were escorting the UFO, intercepting it, or whether their presence was coincidental and the pilots were too far away to see it.

Some theorize it is secret tech, and one story points towards an experimental US aircraft, possibly the semi-legendary black project Aurora.

Despite its existence not being confirmed, Aurora was believed to be a hypersonic spy plane. Late in the 1980s and early 1990s, the British reported seeing angular objects in the sky.

What the Calvine photos show is indeed a mystery, but we know that the photographs have not been altered, tampered with, and do indeed show an identified flying object that was truly massive in terms of size.

Based on eyewitness accounts, we know that the object appeared hovering in the sky and produced no sound akin to jet engines or anything similar.

We know that the MoD thought that the object was neither Russian nor American.

We now know that UFOs are real, and the phenomenon deserves to be studied with the most rigorous scientific method.

The truth is out there, and I want to believe.

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