Archaeologists are exploring a unique complex near the Elhovo village of Stroyno

Archaeological excavations near the Elhovo village of Stroyno continue. Since 2014, Daniela Agre’s team has been conducting research in a Thracian-Roman architectural complex with a temple of the god Dionysus.
According to research, the complex was built in the period 69-96 AD on an area of over 30 acres and was a residence, explained Daniela Agre.

“In all likelihood, this is the residence of a Roman administrator, a ruler who ruled this territory.”
The expectations of Daniela Agre’s team are the site to find its place in the tourist map of the country, as it is unique not only for Bulgaria but also for the entire Balkan Peninsula.

“Palaces have been discovered in and around Rome – gardens of the imperial family, of the emperor himself and the richest Roman families. They are in the same revived Greek style as our site.”


Author: Daniela Kostova – corr. of the BNR in Yambol

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