5,000-Year-Old Wine Jars Unearthed in Egypt

5,000-Year-Old Wine Jars Unearthed in Egypt

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Egypt Abydos Wine JarsABYDOS, EGYPT—Egyptologists excavating at the 5,000-year-tomb of the First Dynasty Queen Merneith at the sacred city of Abydos have unearthed hundred of sealed wine jars, reports Newsweek. Some of the jars still bear the remains of grape seeds. Organic residue recovered from the artifacts might give scholars new information about Old Kingdom wine-making practices and the early history of wine in the region. The find might also provide Egyptologists with new insight into the life of Queen Merneith, who some scholars believe may have ruled Eygpt as the first female pharaoh beginning around 2950 B.C. To read more about Old Dynasty political order, go to “In the Reign of the Sun Kings.” 

Source: archaeology.org

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