Ancient “Coyote-Man” Sculpture Recovered in Mexico

Mexico Coyote ManMEXICO CITY, MEXICO—Art News reports that a sculpture of a coyote-headed figure on a throne has been recovered from a private collection by archaeologists from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). The statue, known as the coyote-man from Tacámbaro, was discovered about 30 years ago during a construction project in central Mexico at the site of the Tarascan city of Tzintzuntza. Representations of coyote spirits are often found at the site, which is also known as “place of coyotes,” explained INAH archaeologist José Luis Punzo. “One of the hypotheses is that the coyote-man sculptures could represent a dynasty that ruled this place,” he said. To read about sculptures and other artifacts recovered from a tunnel beneath a Teotihuacan temple, go to “Around the World: Mexico.”


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