Stanford Professor Who Studied UFO Contactees Reveals Chilling Data

“It was circa 2011 or some when some people from the CIA and an aerospace company came to me to ask me for help on the analysis of some individuals that had encountered some “anomalous objects…”

The statement comes from Dr. Garry Nolan, a Stanford University professor of microbiology and pathology. He is famous in the ufological world for his analysis of alleged UFO remnants and reports of health issues associated with military personnel encountering UFOs.

Dr. Nolan has studied for a long time the harmful effects that apparent counters with UFOs have on the human brain.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson Today, Dr. Nolan explained what he thought about the Unidentified Aerospace-Underwater Phenomena (UAPs) and whether or not the government had in their possession technology that came from another world. Dr. Nolan also spoke about his experience with the government and how he analyzed and studied individuals who came too close to UFOs.

Dr. Nolan again delved into the intriguing question of who or what might be behind what is going on concerning the UFO phenomenon, leaning toward the possibility that we are dealing with an extraterrestrial civilization that has been visiting us since ancient times.

The scientist explained who he thinks has the UFO remains that have been recovered in various incidents, like Roswell, and why they have not been released to the public.

“These remains went to places like Lockheed and other large aerospace companies, which wanted to profit from them, and a lot of them basically took a bunch of information, pulled it apart, and said, OK, let’s make a profit on this. We are not going to tell Congress what we have because if we do, we may have to share it with McDonnel Douglas (another contractor) or someone else,” Nolan replied.

A screenshot from the interview showing an MRI scan from an individual who get too close to a UFO. Image Credit: YouTube.
A screenshot from the interview showing an MRI scan from an individual who get too close to a UFO. Image Credit: YouTube.

In response, Carlson asked how such materials could be profitable.

“Well, they can keep asking for black budget money. And so the funding can continue in the hope that one day they will understand this technology,” Nolan explained.

“And there are a hundred technological revolutions ahead of us. It’s like giving a Neanderthal a cell phone and expecting him to figure out what it’s for or how it works.”

It is also important to note that the scientist believes that UFO crews have the capability of projecting things into witnesses’ minds or putting ideas there, so that even the reported human forms could simply be “avatars” or “biological robots” that are familiar to us, and are interacting with us, “simple primitive monkeys.”

Former CIA officer Jim Semivan stated that there is an outside force that controls our environment and can put thoughts into our heads. The question of whether private companies are in possession of technology not from Earth, is certainly an interesting one and deserves more investigation.

Nonetheless, it is hard to believe that such companies — despite their massive wealth and connections around the world — would “beat” the government and the military to the remains of a crashed UFO.

Here is the entire interview:

Curiously, Jim Semivan, a former CIA officer, also recently spoke out about the UFO phenomenon.

“There is a force out there that can control our environment, that can put thoughts into our heads.” This is according to Jim Semivan, a former CIA officer and co-founder of To The Stars Academy. The “To The Stars Academy” is an organization that claims to have been responsible for the release of the now-famous Pentagon UFO videos.

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